About Us


Welcome to Buy from us Save with us the internet General store. Our product line is extensive and we purchase all our supplies from manufacturers and established distributors.

WE LOVE SURPRISE SO MUCH, we are  building the store around it.
At Buy from us Save with us, we think life’s better with surprises. That’s why we deliver surprise on line, every day. Every time you visit, there’ll be fresh, exciting merchandise to explore

We are dedicated to providing the best value to our Customers throughquality merchandise generally offered at prices 5%-18% off and span across a variety of categories, including clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, kids,kitchenware,novelties and Pet. While the selection isn’t huge, the deals are worth it. Keep checking back for new offerings.

At Buy from us Save with us, we believe on savings, this is why so many of us have, usually in defending a purchase that someone questioned, uttered the following phrase at least once in our lives:
                                “It’s not what I spent, it’s what I saved.”